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THC May Help Prevent the Growth of Alzheimer’s Disease

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A new study shows that low doses of THC can help reduce and even prohibit the growth of amyloid beta compounds in the brain – one of the key components to memory loss in Alzheimer’s patients.

The study could represent a major breakthrough in the treatment of the disease, a horrible condition affecting more than 5 million people that robs them of their memories along with their ability to care for themselves. Alzheimer’s disease affects the brain through the buildup of plaques through amino acids, known as amyloid betas. Pot, it seems, help stop that buildup.

“Decreased levels of amyloid beta means less aggregation, which may protect against the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Since THC is a natural and relatively safe amyloid inhibitor, THC or its analogs may help us develop an effective treatment in the future,” neuroscientist Chuanhai Cao, a PhD at the Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute at the University of South Florida College of Pharmacy, said in the study.

The study also showed that THC increases brain activity and transmission in key areas, including those associated with keeping the brain functioning properly. Researchers say they knew about THC’s antioxidant properties before, but say that this is the first time that they’ve been able to show that THC was lowering the plaque-forming amino acids associated with Alzheimers while at the same time promoting increased brain activity.

Not only that, bud the researchers say that any adverse effects of cannabis use like memory loss or “toxicity” are far outweighed by the benefits of THC treatments for people with Alzheimer’s. (Editor’s note: What toxicity?)

But, of course, they are clinical doctors. So any THC used to treat this must be from a pharmacy, they say:

“Are we advocating that people use illicit drugs to prevent the disease? No. However, these findings may lead to the development of related compounds that are safe, legal, and useful in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.”

Found at Toke of the Town.

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Denver pot tourism guide: Useful info for tokin’ travelers

One of the most frequent questions I get at The Cannabist is, “Will you send me pot?”

I won’t.

After that, it’s: “I’m coming to Colorado. What should I do?” and I wind up as their free vacation planner. After a decade of smoking dank in Denver, I feel like it’s my duty to help people find the best of the best while in town, and that doesn’t stop with pot. We work hard and play harder here. No matter what the season, there’s a professional sports team playing. There’s a booming foodie scene.

And most of my stoniest friends aren’t terribly interested in football, fancy dinners or going clubbing all night.

So I humbly present my guide if you’re planning a trip and are trying to keep it mellow, smoke a little ganja, and investigate the downtown area. It’s all here: places to stay, places to go, getting around, scoring some herb and something to smoke it out of, nearby eats and entertainment. You can stop with the emails now.

Here’s a refresher on Colorado’s laws about recreational sales, public consumption and transporting weed and such.

Where to stay

Don’t want to resort to a wet towel by the door or blowing your hits through a toilet paper roll filtered with a dryer sheet? In truth, openly 420-friendly lodging options downtown are rare. (You do have options withedibles/vaporizing alternatives.)

Denver hotels
Sure, it might seem like asking for a room with a balcony is a good idea. That is, until you check in and receive a spiel like the one delivered at The Warwick, which reminds everyone that any marijuana use is outright banned on the property. Even the marijuana FAQ makes sure to let you know “Denver city laws prohibit marijuana consumption on hotel balconies if visible from any public place.” And trust me, they’re on the lookout: One man was fined heavily for leaving behind evidence suggesting he MIGHT have toked up. Short of securing a designated smoking room, ask about the hotel’s specific policy, but don’t hold your breath. Or your hit.

Adagio Bud and Breakfast, 1430 Race St. Website
The list of amenities reads like a Stefon sketch from “Saturday Night Live.” This place has everything: a wake-n-bake cannabis sampler, a 4:20-6:20 happy hour, nightly milk and cookies (and cannabis). I’m not sure when you’re not getting high at the Adagio Bud and Breakfast, recently converted to a hookah-friendly hotel as many scrambled to find accommodations that weren’t run by “the man.” It’s a bit east of the heart of Denver and in a sort-of-sketchy area (just tell a local friend you’re staying off East Colfax and wait for their reaction), but it’s only a five-minute cab to downtown. Or the most interesting 20-minute bus ride of your life.

Craigslist Website
A fierce vacation rental market means people are always looking for an edge. Being “420 friendly” allows them to charge a premium for leaving their bong on the coffee table. While services likeTravelTHC — similar to AirBNB — have popped up, their contact form asking for your name and email doesn’t provide much assurance that you’ll get the place of your dreams. It’s a bad sign when Craigslist seems less dodgy.

Much more to read found HERE.


Marijuana Backer Lauds Boulder for Rejecting “Racist” Anti-Pot Cages, Asks Hick to Apologize

Denver clothing company’s gift promo: Free weed with purchase


Talk about taxation without representation!

Marijuana: Could Colorado Springs Approve 26 Percent Tax on Recreational Pot?

Colorado Springs voters could decide whether to allow recreational cannabis sales in the city next April — if, that is, pro-pot and anti-pot city leaders can find some common ground first. Recreational cannabis sales are currently banned in the Springs because of a city council vote last year, but in recent months councilwoman Jill Gaebler has been working to get a measure on the April 2015 ballot that would give voters the chance to repeal that ban. Her goal was to have council approve the proposal on August 11; if it failed then, she said, the public would still have time to collect enough signatures for a citizen initiative.

But two weeks ago, when the measure was brought up at a city council meeting, councilman Keith King threw a wrench in the works by demanding a 10 percent special city tax be included in the proposal. The tax would come on top of the 10 percent special state sales tax, the regular 2.9 percent state sales tax, the 1.23 percent El Paso County tax and the existing 2.5 percent Colorado Springs sales tax, bringing the total to more than 26 percent tax on a bag of herb.

With high prices on recreational cannabis due to price gouging and burdensome special taxes becoming such a concern that even lawmakers can’t ignore it, King’s proposal could likely have a chilling effect on recreational sales if Colorado Springs voters approve them.

Gaebler asked city attorney David Andrews to draft a measure in time for the meeting this past Monday, August 25 — but that was too tight of a deadline, it seems. Last night, Andrews came back to council and asked for guidance. His questions: Did the council want one proposal for voters that ties recreational sales and taxes together or two that separate the issues? And if the latter is the preferred option, do the two measures still tie together or could recreational sales pass without the tax question being approved?

The move irked King, who said he was frustrated with the delays, and other members agreed, since they mean there’ll be less time for a citizen initiative to gain steam. “Now we kicked it down the road,” Miller told the Colorado Springs Jill GaeblerGazette. “The whole reason was to give citizens time. Now we have cheated them out of two weeks.”

Andrews will now have to ready draft measures for the September 9 council meeting. If one or both of them fail to get approved, that would mean voters have fewer than six months to get the nearly 20,000 signatures needed to put the measure on the April 7 ballot.

Found HERE.


Aurora awards licenses for 21 recreational marijuana stores (our son and his family live there, we go there, now finally some good news)

Bong Salesmen in the ’70s Wore Tuxedos to Work

No-pot city takes aim at Washington marijuana law


DEA Allows University of Mississippi To Grow Way More Weed Next Year

Established in 1910, the University of Mississippi boasts an enrollment of well over 16,000 students. The Rebels from “Ole Miss”, as it is commonly referred to, have not brought back a national championship since their football team did it back in 1962.

What the campus is more famous for, in counter-culture circles anyway, is the fact that the government has been growing weed there for “research purposes” for decades.

But with more and more private and foreign labs returning study after study outlining the vast medicinal benefits to the cannabis plant, the feds are looking to crank up their own production in hopes of giving their own researchers a chance at being relevant in the discussion of cannabis use.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse’s request for the authority to grow more weed at Ole Miss was approved this past Tuesday by the DEA. Far more than an extra nug or two kicked down from your caregiver, the NIDA-powered pot growing program at the university was granted the authority to up their current max annual harvest of 46.3 pounds, to 1,433 pounds!

Holy smokes, that is a lot of more-than-likely-horrible pot.

The DEA put the request into record back in May of this year, and asked for any comments from the public either in support of the request, or otherwise.

After 30 days, only one comment was submitted, and it was in favor of the boost in production for the country’s only federally funded cannabis cultivation program – that we know of.

The same issue was thought to be handled back in September of 2013, when the 46.3 pound annual quota was reviewed and re-established by the DEA. Now they are saying that they grossly underestimated the program’s demand for…research materials.

In their only comment on the topic so far, the DEA stated, “Due to the manufacturing process unique to marijuana, including the length of time and conditions necessary to propagate and process the substance for distribution in 2014, it is necessary to adjust the initial, established 2014 aggregate production quota for marijuana as soon as practicable.”

Oh, it’s hard to grow good weed? It takes a long time? You want more weed, without interruption? Welcome to the life of a cannabis grower, fellas. Now imagine if you had to hide your operation from the neighbors next door, and if visits from the DEA weren’t so pleasant.

The DEA and NIDA refuse to disclose exactly how much weed has been grown year-to-date in 2014. In fact, the DEA has refused to comment any further than their brief explanation above.

It would have been great to be able to watch exactly how hard DEA Director Michelle Leonhart squeezed her pen as she begrudgingly signed the approval to boost the production, considering she still refuses to admit that weed is more safe than crack or heroin, and she has publicly chastised President Obama for admitting that weed is no more dangerous than alcohol.

While the jump from 46.3 to 1,433 seems steep, both numbers are way down from the quota of 9,920 pounds that stood between 2005-2009, during George W. Bush’s second term as president.

The cannabis cultivation program at the University of Mississippi is, and always has been, shrouded in a haze of secrecy. It is hard to say what the motives are behind this latest quota adjustment, but we can only hope that the result is more truth, and less propaganda.

Found HERE.


do dab this soon



We all know that the smell of growing and smoked marijuana is the leading cause of trouble for cannabis cultivators and consumers. If it never smelled, people would only rarely get busted.

Fortunately, we have an inexpensive solution to the problem of your car, apartment, or bedroom getting anyone’s attention while you are having a toke.

The Smoke Buddy and the Hello Neighbor tube are pocket carbon filters that you can exhale through and completely eliminate the smell of your smoked weed.

They are cheap, and so get a few- one for each location where you like to consume. Either brand works fine. The difference is that one is a keychain model with free shipping on Amazon, and the other is a little tube you need to keep in your pocket or glove box. They both use the same technology.

And they come in different colors beside the black shown, like blue and green, more.

Tell your friends so we can all be safer!

Ane hey, quit using the febreze and other smellies to try and hide all traces! Instead, use OZIUM!

Smoke Buddy – Personal Air Filter/ Purifier Brand New


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